Common Good is built for organisations like yours.
With useful features and an intuitive interface.

Highly Customised

With many many options the Common Good Platform is always designed to be a custom solution for your organisation.

Control the Conversation

We have many features designed to remove the noise and promote quality content.

Modern Design

A modern and intuative design means that members of all ages will find Common Good easy to use.

Event Mangement

A full event makangement system with ticketing, add-ons and event reminders for all members.

Business Accounts

With the optoin to allow supporting businesses to host their own content new revenue streams open.

Localised Content

Localisation is at the heart of communites and the Common Good Platform, creating local engagement.


A marketplace just for your community. Allowing members to buy, swap and sell in a private and controlled market.

Jobs Board

A public and private jobs board allows members to find talent or a new role within their field.

Resource Library

A resource Library to help find and share key resources helps keep people connected and spread best practice.

Controlled Advertising

The Ability to generate additional revenue with a managed advertisign system to promote key supporters.

Device Compatible

With thousands of devices to choose from Common Good is compatible on all, ensuring all members can connect.

More Features?

We have so many more features not listed, its best to check out our demo to see them all!