It's not about building membership, it's about building participation.

Common Good Media drives participation by encouraging members to create the content
they want and to share news, events, ideas and experience.

Common Good Media includes business building tools for your members.
These tools also create revenue opportunities for your association.

Personalised Content

Members choose the content they want to see - local and national.

Increased Engagement

Members can create their own communities to share ideas and resources.

New Revenue

Open new revenue streams via sponsor listings and advertising.

Highly Customised

Your brand. Your words. Your look and feel. Your unique features.

No Noise

Promote real conversations amoungst your members without the social media noise.

Easy to use

A modern and intuative design means that members of all ages will find it easy to use.

Engaging Content

Content is presented in a modern, exciting and interesting way to engage your members.

Public Engagement

Talk to a new audience, tell the public what you do, encourage new members.

For associations with many clubs or chapters, Common Good Media supports the networking of all clubs bringing everybody on to the one platform. Members see personalised news and event feed and can follow sister clubs. The centre can post to all members of all clubs.

No more news road blocks. No more endless management of email lists and lost contacts.

Common Good Media gives each club its own mini-website and allows members to form their own communities around special interests.

Common Good Media is designed to be affordable with monthly subscriptions available.

Common Good Media will fundamentaly change the way you engage with your members
and in the process transform your association.

Call us today to organise your free consultation on how you can use Common Good Media
to drive particiation and engagement in your assocation.