Your customers share a common interest via formal and in-formal communities.


A Common Good Media platform branded and designed for you will bring
these communities together in one place.

Put your brand at the very heart of your customers’ passion.

CarTorque is Common Good Media’s first common interest platform.  CarTorque is a public platform launched in May 2019 and is already enjoying the support of many groups, car clubs and car club associations around Australia.

CarTorque brings car enthusiasts together to share news on local shows and clubs.  We expect the CarTorque to be regularly visited by up to 500k car enthusiasts.

Advertisers on the platform talk to car enthusiasts via advertisements placed in the personalized news and event feed seen by users of CarTorque.

Common Good Media respects the role of groups, clubs and associations in generating the content and audience that is key to the commercial success of our common interest platforms and rewards them with a formal sponsorship program.

In the case of CarTorque up to a million dollars of the advertising revenue generated through CarTorque will be returned to the movement via sponsorship and member benefits

Pricing for a Common Interest Platform begins with a $50k development partnership. Want to know more about starting your own Common Interest Platform?
Contact us to explore opportunities in your industry.